Cost of the Bullying Prevention Program


The following table has been provided to help you determine the cost of implementing the Allan L. Beane Bullying Prevention Program. This is not an order form. For an order form and a description of each kit, go to www.bullyfree.com and click on “Products” and then click on the desired kit(s). You will see a listing of the items in the click.  You can click on a kit item and read a description of the item.

Kit Unit Cost Number of Schools Total
Bullying Prevention Program Kit – Preschool $695    
Bullying Prevention Program Kit – Elementary School $849    
Bullying Prevention Program Kit – Middle School $849    
Bullying Prevention Program Kit – High School $749    
Optional: Bullying Prevention Training and Presentation Kit $1,899 for use in one school or $3,950 for district-wide use    
Optional: Bullying Prevention Bus Training Course and Strategies Kit $599 1 for District-Wide Use  
Shipping 10% (US)  
Taxes () or Tax Exempt  
Grand Total  

If your budget will not allow the above, perhaps you can order one or more of the following.

  • For each school, order at least 4 copies of Bullying Prevention for Schools: A Step-by-Step Guide for Implementing a Successful Anti-bullying Program by Allan L. Beane, Ph.D. (4 x $35.95 = $143.80). This implementation manual is for each member of the committee/team in each school charged with the responsibility of implementing the program, so you may need to order more than four copies. This is not a book for teachers.  It's for the implementation committee.
  • Bullying Prevention Lesson Plans as pdf files for the number of schools implementing the program. When ordered separately from the kits, the cost is based on the number of principals (schools).  Fore example: 1 school with one principal = $300; a K-8 school with two principals = $600; and a K-12 school with three principals = $900. of schools: 1-5 schools = $400; 6-50 schools = $300; and 51 + schools = $200 per school. (When you order, use our order form and specify the desired grade levels.)
  • The Bullying Prevention Training and Presentation Kit ($1,899) for use in one school or $3,950 for district-wide use and the Bullying Prevention Bus Training Course and Strategies Kit ($599)
  • Bullying Prevention Reference Guide for Teachers, Counselors and Principals by Allan L. Beane, Ph.D. and the Bullying Prevention Reference Guide for School Support Staff (CD pdf files - $95.99)
  • Note:  Shipping is 10%.